DJWrap v0.9.4!

What is it?

DJWrap is an open format for combining several mp3s into one (wrapping) , without losing information about where the songs begin and where they end, or what file names they had, allowing them to later be turned back into separate files. The idea is in many ways the same as the AlbumWrap (ALBW) format, and the MP3Wrap format, though DJWrap has some extra features.

libdjwrap is a library that eases the handling of these wrapped files. It can parse DJWrap, AlbumWrap and MP3Wrap files, as well as output DJWrap files. It can be incorporated into software which wants a more intelligent handling of wrapped files. This would mainly be music players and CD writing software.

The library, libdjwrap, comes with a tool, aptly named djwrap. It gives a command line interface to various functions of the library, allowing a user to extract songs from a DJWrap, AlbumWrap or MP3Wrap file, as well as create their own DJWrap files.

There is also a graphical tool, using libdjwrap, for handling wrapped files. It's due for release any time now.

What's new?

October 29, 2004 - Bug found in DJWrap 0.9.3 - 0.9.4 released!
There is a bug in DJWrap 0.9.3 that became apparent when it's used in MooseWrap. A function in the library returns the wrong value at a point, which makes software using DJWrap stop before writing a wrap do disk.

Due to the severity of this bug, a new version has been released. Please upgrade to 0.9.4 as soon as possible.

August 19, 2004
DJWrap 0.9.3 finally released!
Yes, it's true. I said a week or two. Then came exams, then vacation, then more exams and suddenly it's August. Not that I haven't worked on it, it's been mostly fixing flaws and bugs that surfaced when working against it to produce a GUI for it, MooseWrap (see more here. This is good, though, because bugs have been found, fixed and I'm fairly confident it (relatively) bug free now. The format has also been updated, to make it more robust.

For more info, see below.

June 9, 2004
The minor flaw of the GUI's fixed. The library is well on its way getting updated with the new, extended format specs. I've had a lot of schoolwork lately, but hopefully, I will get some more time to hack away at this now.

May 3, 2004
The GUI is, apart from a minor flaw, more or less complete (for initial release). The format is undergoing some updates and the library is being improved to fit the new format. The restructuring of the library is also as good as completed. Hopefully it will all be released within a week or two.

March 21, 2004
Development has continued at a steady pace. Development of the GUI has pointed to several weak points in the djwrap library, that have now been reworked to make most functionality more general. All in all, the outlook is pretty good.

(a bit older below)
I have been fiddling a bit more. The new release will have - at least preliminary - support for mp3wrap. Some bugs have also been fixed. I have also cut down the features of the GUI to make it actually possible that it will get released in the (hopefully near) future.

What's not so new?
It would seem nothing much (or anything) has been happening for the last year That is, well, more or less true. The upcoming 0.9.3 release got stuck waiting for a few new improvements and my studies caught up with me. The last month or so, though, I've been working on a nice cross-platform GUI for the library, as well as pondering some redesigns to both the library and format. Let's say the format isn't 100% complete, though the parts that have been defined will, most probably, remain stable.

So what about the page?
Does anyone care? Probably not but I'm planning an overhaul of the site - that is, actually making a site - together with the (joined) release of the GUI and the new library.

Got questions? Feel free to mail me.

Yup, it finally happened. 0.9.3 is out. There are three packages: a source tarball for all platforms and two zip files, one w/ the debug version and one w/ the release version, for the Windows platform. The last two contain compiled versions of both the library and the executable, as well as header files and the accompanying text files (README, ChangeLog, COPYING etc.).
To grab it, check the

And just to clarify one thing: DJWrap files are _not_ compatible with AlbumWrap files. You can not use an AlbumWrap extractor to unwrap DJWrap files, though the other way around works just fine. :)

Check the project's page for files.
The FORMAT specification as well as the README can be found here.
Now, you can also check out the ChangeLog AND the TODO list here. Logo